Pro Deo

War is not just soldiers shooting at each other, there are other aspects, other stories. This book is about such other aspects and stories.

I am sure most of you know what a relay race is: a run whereas contesters pass a batton to the next contester to run another round. This book is sort of the same.

It starts with a main character. At the end of the chapter he or she has something to do with a character who becomes the main character in the next chapter. The same happens at the end of this chapter, a new chapter with some other main character.

This wat we travel through time and the Spain around the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). What kind of characters do you meet? A little girl, a priest, an officer, an airplane mechanic, etc. etc.

I write the book together with my wife Ellen. We brainstorm over plots and then I write the stories. Realy nice to work this way. We tape those sessions to listen back. Listen to a short piece of one of those sessions (just Dutch, sorry guys)

When will the book be finished? Always a guess, sometimes it goes quick, another time preparations, and so the writing, take more time.
Also, the book is in Dutch, sorry guys. If you can find a publisher who is willing to translate, you are more then welcome.

Maybe you want to be a test reader. Send me an email and I will tell what I expect from you