Journey to the Spanish Civil War

This historical novel was first published by the end of 2014. In 2016 a second, slightly ajusted version came out.

In 2012 unexpectedly a diary surfaced in which grandpa describes how he helped smuggling arms with the ship Andra to the northcoast of Spain. Smuglle, since this was prohibited by an international non-interventionpact.

I used this diary to write this historical novel. Read more? Click here.

Pro Deo (workingtitel)

Pro Deo will a book with all sorts of characters. Some of them fictional, some non-fictional and sometimes it is a mixture of both.

Like the last one, this one also has the Spanish Civil War as stage and it will become as historical correct as possible.

Keep an aye on this website to see when the novel will be finished and published.

Read more? Click here